Product Testing : Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

This overnight hike was hard – 2.5 hours of steep incline before we reached our mountainside campsite for the evening. The temperature was very hot during the day, and I anticipated that once the sun went down, things would cool quickly. I was right!

The thing about carrying everything on your back is that you need to be really judicious about what you pack. Ideally, for an overnight hike, you pick one pair of socks that will meet all your needs. These were those socks!

For the hike, I paired my Regia Norway Color socks with sock liners (super-silky, slippery socks that hikers wear to avoid blisters). At night, I took off the liners and was snug as a bug.

Now that I’m home again, and have washed the socks, I’m impressed with how little they stretched. I work my socks pretty hard, and I need them to last, which is one key reason I prefer the superwash wool.

Main takeaways : 1. British Columbia is beautiful. 2. Pairing a sock liner with your woolies goes a long way. 3. Hiking in a pair of socks you made yourself is really satisfying.

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