Our Sock Yarns

*Please note that while we strive to keep this listing as up to date as possible, it is best to get in touch with us to confirm what is available*

For all inquiries, or to place a wholesale order, please email fischerwool@gmail.com.

Solid Colour Sock Yarn
Rellana Flotte Socke UNI 

Regia Sock Yarn
Men’s Style Color / Regia Virtual Reality

Rellana Sock Yarn
Flotte Socke Sunshine / NEW Wool Free Bamboo (September 2022) / Flotte Socke Christmas (September 2022)/ Flotte Socke Jacquard / Flotte Socke Mississippi

Austermann Sock Yarn
Step 4 – Step Easy / Step 4 – Graffiti Color

Schoeller + Stahl Sock Yarn
Fortissima Tundra / Fortissima Best of Mexico

Opal Sock Yarn
Regenwald 18 / Schafpate 14 Winterweide / Opal Wasserwelten / Hundertwasser

Self-Striping Cones (All Brands)